Epson 2800 Video Review 2024

So Hello everyone, my name is Jose.

Epson 2800 video Review 2024

First of all, I want to say thank you for being on the video. This is– Again, my name is Jose from
Today, I want to do a quick product review. Pretty much it’s an unboxing video for this printer EcoTank ET-2800.
I actually purchased this from Amazon a couple of days ago, and I glanced through the box. I’ve seen it. I haven’t fully opened it up yet.

One of the things is that I already pretty much have a lot of experience when it comes to these printers.
I had the 2700 for — well, I will say — for a year. And I also have another one sitting here on my desk.
I love these Epson printers. One thing I will say, the printing qualities with these printers are excellent.
The first one–

Well, the next one that I have is a black one. Let me show you guys real quick right there.
That’s the actual black one that I have right there. I use that on a daily basis. One thing
I will tell you about these Eco printers is that it depends on what you’re trying to do with these printers.

Epson 2800 video Review 2024

My first printer, I actually returned it back and I’m going to tell you why I returned it back.
Well, this is turning into another topic. It’s not even into a product review or open-box video
anymore. But anyway, I will tell you.

Depending on how you try to use these printers, it’ll give
you the best quality. If you’re trying to use these printers for sublimation– I actually used to do
sublimation. If you don’t use the ink much, it’ll clog up your heads. It’ll mess up your entire printer
because that’s what happened to me with the first one I bought.

I bought a first one because
I wanted to do sublimation. I didn’t put the ink that came with this printer. So I kind of honestly messed that printer up.

Epson 2800 video Review 2024

Only reason why I messed it up is because I didn’t use it on a daily basis. So if you’re going to buy
this type of printer to do sublimation and you’re not going to use it often, you will clog up your
print heads and the ink will dry it up. And then you have to get a cleaning kit or cleaning solution.
And at the end, it might not even work after all. Epson 2800 video Review 2024

The last printer I had, everything got messed up. At the end, the printer didn’t even want to start.
After me trying to clean up the printheads, the nozzles, I was trying to do too many things with
the printer to try to get it back to work, because I wanted to take out the old sublimation ink.

So I decided to give me another printer. I returned it to BestBuy. I was fortunate enough that they took it back.
Then I purchased this one from Amazon. I got it a few days ago. I kind of glanced through the box again.

Now, these printers, I will tell you, if you treat these printers right, if you treat– This is the EcoTank ET-2800.
Again, if you treat these printers right, they will work forever. But you have to– It’s like you have to do a
maintenance to it, you have to print something once

in a while, because if you don’t, the ink will just dry
it out in the nozzles, in the print heads, and everything will get just clogged up. So this is the only problems that
I see with these printers. Other than that, the ink is easy to use. I consider the ink to be fairly
cheap, inexpensive, and they work good. Epson 2800 video Review 2024

Now, we’re going to do an unboxing of the printer and then I’m going to do another video of me
hooking up the printer and seeing the printer in action and the printing quality and all that.
But for today, let’s just do this unboxing. I’m gonna show you guys what’s in the box.
And pretty much how the ink will go. Okay, so let’s go. Epson 2800 video Review 2024

So, right now, like I said, I kind of open it up a little bit and I glanced through it. So let’s start taking–
Just throwing this on the floor right here for now. So here is the actual ink of the printer.
This is the actual ink on the printer. And depending on how much you print, this will actually
last you a long time. So here we have the– This is actually the yellow one.

This is actually the yellow ink.
And then we have the pink one. The pink one, magneto. This is the pink ink. So now we have the blue.
Yes, the blue one, which is Kanye. And we have the black one, the black ink. So these four inks,
they all come together in this plastic bag. Epson 2800 video Review 2024

Now, let’s work on getting the effect. So, here we have the power cord that comes with the printer in the box, of course.
This is the power cord. Now, depending on– The only thing I don’t like is that these–
I know for a fact that it’s not in the box

because it didn’t come with my other black one.
It doesn’t come with the connector for you to be able to connect the printer from your PC to your actual printer.
It doesn’t come with that. So if you need that, you’re going to have to get that from Amazon. I know that they are fairly cheap on Amazon.

Let’s just put this on the weight for now. And I’m going to go ahead and remove everything from the box.
And just take it out of this plastic here. Get it out of this plastic here.

And we throw this plastic on the floor. Sorry for moving the camera so much. I’m going to adjust it here.
I’m going to show you guys exactly what’s going on with this printer here. So, with this printer, like I said,

depending on your connection, if you want to connect this printer directly through to your Wi-Fi, you can
do it like that. You don’t need the cable.

But I don’t really like it through a Wi-Fi, because if something happens
to your Wi-Fi at the moment, then you won’t be able to print. So this is why I like to use the USB cable itself that
you have to buy separately. Before you used to buy a printer and it used to come with the cable in there.

Epson 2800 video Review 2024

So, like I said, this is the power cord. And right here is what I’m talking about that you would fit in the USB cable.
You put one of the ends here and then you will connect the other USB section of the cable to your PC.
So these printers don’t come with that particular cable. You will have to separately buy that actual cable.

So, in the box still we have– This is the– Actually, that’s it. That’s the only thing that’s in the box that’s left.
So here you have your software, which you don’t even need anymore. You don’t need CDs anymore.
You could just go online and just type in “Epson ET-2800 software”, and you could directly download
everything that’s on the CD.

You will directly just download it to your PC, to your hard drive, and it’ll be
just as good as this CD. I guess they put the CD in the printer for people that are not computer tech savvies.
I mean, I’m not a computer tech savvy, but I know how to go on Google and search for a lot of stuff.

So, here in this section right here is where you’re going to put your ink. You’re going to lift these little blue taps up.
You’re going to lift these up, and then you’re going to cut these up. You’re going to– I’m not actually going to put the
ink in here, because I don’t want out yet what I want to use this printer for.

I’m still undecided if I want to use this
printer for sublimation. And this is not the ink for sublimation. Here’s another ink that you use. You have to buy.
For sublimation, it’s pretty much when you make T-shirts. If you have a T-shirt business, this is a perfect printer
for that type of business. But like I said earlier, if you’re

doing sublimation and you don’t use the printer much,
you’re going to clog up your heads, because for some reason, that sublimation printer,
I don’t know what is the issue with that ink but it’ll clog it up if you don’t use it often.

Now, this ink right here, you take this little caps off. You pretty much just flip this over on the side.
So when you open this up, you can actually see the color of the ink. Now, you come here to the printer,
you can actually also see– It’ll tell you where exactly you have to put each color. So you see where —
right here — it says the blue, pink, yellow and the black.

So you’re going to take your ink, you’re going
to flip it over these little white tubes right here, you’re going to flip this to right onto it.
I’m going to take this cap off, of course. I’m not going to do it yet. So then you’re going to
just flip this in here. And you just let it go. And you just let this whole tube just drain in there.

Now, when you’re running out of ink, one thing good about these printers is that it’ll tell you
when you’re actually running out of ink, because you’ll see these. It’s like, if you putting oil
and you can tell how much oil you have on the cord. You’ll be able to see exactly how much
ink you still have on the printer. And then you also get a notification on your desktop when your ink is low.

With this printer, also you can scan. I’m pretty sure. I know for a fact you can scan.
This comes up, if you prefer it to be down or if you prefer it to be up. So, like I said,
pretty good quality printer. I had the ET-2700, not too long ago. I’m pretty sure the
only thing that messed up that printer is that I put another type of ink.

Not that I wasn’t supposed to put that ink in there because I’ve used it before
to make T-shirts and the T-shirts used to come out great, but I let it go for a few
months without using it. When I tried to reuse the printer, everything was dried up.
The ink was not dried up in here. The ink was not dried up in the reservoirs.
The ink was dried up in the print heads, in the nozzles, and it messed up the entire printer.

Epson 2800 video Review 2024

So, this printer, if you’re interested in getting this printer here, I can tell you that it’s
good quality printer. If you’re interested in getting it, I’m going to put a link down
below exactly from the website I got it which is Amazon, I’m going to put the link down below.

again this is Jose’s Reviews with open box of the Epson ET-2800.
Again, thank you for watching this video. Please don’t forget to
like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks.

Epson 2800 video Review 2024

for more information about this printer please check out my youtube channel

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